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Graduate Student Placements

Below highlights Comparative Literary Studies graduate student academic job placements. Please note, entries below reflect initial job placement after graduation. 




2021 Menglu Gao Assistant Professor of English, University of Denver
2020 Arif Camoglu Assistant Professor of Literature, NYU Shanghai
2020 Scott Newman Lecturer, English, University of California Los Angeles
2020 Jonas Rosenbrück Assistant Professor of German, Amherst College
2020 Maziyar Faridi Assistant Professor, English and Global Cinema, Clemson University
2020 Marjan Mohammadi Assistant Professor, Program of Cultures, Civilizations, and Ideas, Bilkent University
2019 Kritish Rajbhandari Assistant Professor, English and Humanities, Reed College
2019 Ruth Curry Postdoctoral Scholar, Center for Civic Engagement, Northwestern University
2018 Patrícia Anzini Junior Researcher and Assistant, the Research Center for Communication and Culture at the Catholic University, in Lisbon, Portugal
2018 Sonia Li Product Manager, Mentor Collective
2017 Caitlyn Doyle Lecturer, Literature Department, MIT
2017 Genevieve Amaral Assistant Professor, Intellectual Heritage, Temple University
2017 Frederika Tevebring British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, Kings College London
2016 Casey Drosehn Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Northwestern University
2016 Benjamin Robinson Assistant Professor of German, NYU
2015 Brett Brehm Assistant Professor, Modern Languages and Literatures, William and Mary
2015 Charles Coustille CFR / UFR LACT – Lettres, Arts, Création et Technologies, Université Gustave Eiffel
2015 Katie Hartsock Assistant Professor, English, Oakland University
2015 Ayse Ozge Kocak Senior Administrator, Student Affairs, University of Chicago
2013 Stanley Bill University Associate Professor in Polish Studies, University of Cambridge
2013 Jennifer Croft Founder, Buenos Aires Review, Writer, Translator
2012 Julia Ng Senior Lecturer in Critical Theory, Goldsmiths, Studies, University of London
2011 Jennifer Cazenave Assistant Professor, French, Boston University
2010 Bishupal Limbu Assistant Professor, English, Portland State University
2010 Daniel Nolan Assistant Professor, Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Minnesota - Duluth
2009 Leah Flack Assistant Professor, English, Marquette University
2008 Abigail Derecho Assistant Professor, Berkeley Center for New Media and Department of Theater, Dance and Performance Studies, University of California - Berkeley
2007 Paul North Assistant Professor, German, Yale University
2003 Martin Klebes Assistant Professor of German, University of Oregon
2002 Dominique Licops Professor of Instruction, Department of French and Italian, Northwestern University
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