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PhDs Awarded 2018-2019

Congratulations to the following Comparative Literary Studies graduate students who received their PhDs in 2018-2019!

Patrícia Anzini: "'Welcome, American Brother': Cultural Encounters Between Walt Whitman and Brazilian Writers" | Committee: Betsy Erkkila, Reg Gibbons, Harris Feinsod, Cesar Braga-Pinto, Maria Bonetti Paro | Home Department: English

Ruth Curry: "Problems of Plato's Poetics" | Committee: Gary S. Morson, Robert Hariman, Richard Kraut, Leon Kass | Home Department: Rhetoric & Public Culture

Richard Gabri: "Love's Limits: In Persian Poetry and Film" | Committee: Regina Schwartz, Peter Fenves, Nasrin Qader, Franklin Lewis | Home Department: English

Kritish Rajbhandari: "Anarchival Drift and the Limits of Community in Indian Ocean Fiction" | Committee: Evan Mwangi, Susannah Gottlieb, Nasrin Qader, Dilip Gaonkar | Home Department: English

Ben Schacht: "The Time of Labor: Literature and Industrial Capitalism from Percy Shelley to William Morris" | Committee: Stephen Eisenman, Marcus Moseley, Vivasvan Soni | Home Department: English

Vincent Valour: "Les Monstres en liberté ou quand la terre fait des bulles (Petit Essai de Phénoménologie des Monstres)" | Committee: Peter Fenves, Nasrin Qader, Sam Weber | Home Department: French


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