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Undergraduate Program News and Updates

Congratulations graduating seniors!

Comparative Literary Studies had three students graduate in 2019-2020: Lois Biggs, Lucy Yang, and Camille Lopez-Silvero.

The World Literature Minor had four students graduate: Jackson Eliot, Kelsey Malone, Emma Rothfield, and Natalie Welch.

On June 18, 2020, the Comparative Literary Studies Program hosted a virtual End of Year Senior Celebration to highlight the accomplishments of the Comparative Literary Studies seniors graduating in 2020.

Lois Biggs: Received a Fulbright award at the University of Leeds in England

Lucy Yang: Next year, Lucy will pursue a fully-funded master’s degree in China studies at the Yenching Academy of Peking University, in Beijing, China. There, she will further her interdisciplinary studies in the environmental humanities through research on Chinese literature and culture.

Camille Lopez-Silvero: Next year I will be studying at Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain pursuing a master's degree in Global Entertainment and Music Business.  I have always been passionate about music and this program is the perfect opportunity for me to develop concrete music business skills that will ultimately lead me to a career within the international music industry.  Furthermore, studying in Valencia will give me an invaluable opportunity to connect with my Hispanic heritage and diversify my music network.  This program will build off my comparative literature courses where I concentrated in Spanish/Latin American literature and culture.  Although it is nerve-wracking traveling to a foreign country alone during a global pandemic, I am looking forward to this adventure.

senior seminar - fall 2019fall-2019-colloquium-program.jpg

Every Comparative Literary Studies major participates in the Senior Seminar during the Fall of the student's senior year. Students develop a research proposal and work closely with their faculty advisor and seminar instructor to develop their projects. The students and faculty come together at the end of the seminar to present and share their work, as well as celebrate their achievements! This year's seminar included the following presentations:

Isabella Schmidt: “Achilles’ Humanity: From the Exemplary Homeric Hero to the Athenian Tragic Stage”

Camille Lopez-Silvero: “The Political and Aesthetic Inclusion of Female Voices in Margaret Randall’s El Corno Emplumado 23: Poesía Cubana”

Lucy Yang: “Human Landscapes: Seeking Nation and Nature in 1980’s China” 

Lois Biggs: “The Aesthetics of Decolonial Protest: A Trans-Indigenous View of Alcatraz and Paris” 

honors 2019-2020

The following Comparative Literary Studies seniors received departmental honors for the 2019-20 academic year. Congratulations to Lois and Lucy on their academic achievements!

Lois Biggs
Thesis Title: "Dreams of a Different Bridge: Indigenous Art, Embodied Resurgence, and the Alcatraz Occupation"
Advisor: Kelly Wisecup

Lucy Yang
Thesis Title: "Human Landscapes: Nation and Nature in 1980s China"
Advisor: Corey Byrnes


BA/MA Combined Degree Program

The Comparative Literary Studies Program offers a combined BA/MA degree path for superb undergraduate majors. The following student was accepted to Comp Lit's BA/MA program and will be working toward the joint degree in 2020-2021:

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